Overwatch Capital CEO Steve Muntean Unveils New Book

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Jennifer Schwegman

Overwatch Capital CEO Steve Muntean Unveils New Book

Security Industry Leader Sheds Light on Employment Shortages and Effect of Innovation on $25 Billion Security Industry

Jacksonville, Fla., May 15, 2018 — Overwatch Capital, a leader in seed capital and advisory services to the security industry, today announced the availability of a new book focused on the evolution of security guard services and how innovation is disrupting the $25 billion security industry. Authored by the Company’s CEO Steve Muntean, the handbook highlights new threats and the effect of integrated guarding on residential and commercial real estate.

“The United States security industry is facing significant challenges as tens of thousands of security guards are being replaced by technology-led integrated guarding solutions,” said Overwatch Capital CEO Steve Muntean. “Just as Uber has been disruptive to the taxi industry, the security industry is facing a similar fate as technology emerges in the form of video monitoring surveillance, on-demand patrol services, access control and robotics.”

The “Security Integrated Guarding” handbook explores how security stakeholders are reacting to the radical technological shift and adjusting business models to respond to industry needs. Muntean – a successful security entrepreneur, law enforcement veteran and investor – highlights how U.S. security companies employ over 1.1 million security professionals using antiquated strategies and capital resources to protect our most important assets including schools, commercial offices, critical infrastructure and residential housing. Tightening labor markets across the nation are creating industry employment shortages resulting in quality of service issues. “Unfortunately, when law enforcement and security sectors experience similar employment shortages or service issues it can mean the difference between life or death,” added Muntean.

Muntean’s handbook includes an overview of the security guard services, video surveillance and integrated guarding industries as well as leading brand case studies that share the evolution of security services. “Innovations in integrated guarding, specifically real-time video monitoring, SaaS, mobile patrol services, autonomous robots, and on-demand security applications will become the norm,” said WideEye Surveillance General Manager Wes Winfree. “Increased violent crime over the next decade will shift expectations forcing security stakeholders towards integrated guarding.”

The “Security Integrated Guarding” handbook can be purchased by visiting the book website or Amazon.

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